Holman Grip n Lock Hose Fittings

Episode: 7
Title: Holman Grip n Lock Hose Fittings
Broadcast: September 30th 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

It’s coming to that time of the year where watering skips to the top of the to do list. Mel shows us what a superior hose fitting can do for you and your garden.

  • If you can it’s great to water plants early in the morning because it allows any water that you do apply a chance to seep down into the root system before the day really heats up.
  • Rather than a light daily sprinkling, it’s much better to give plants a really good soak less often. It encourages the plant roots to go down deep into the soil, improving the plants tolerance to drought.
  • It’s also a good idea to do a bit of maintenance on your tap hoses at this time of the year. Replace faulty tap washers, old hoses and leaky hose nozzles and give your irrigation system a good once over.
  • Mel shows us the holy grail of hose fittings. With a traditional hose fitting sometimes the grip to the hose is limited, which can lead to frustrating situations for gardeners. This Holman Grip n Lock system is what you need in your garden this spring.

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