DIY Flower Party in a Pot

Episode: 9
Title: DIY Flower Party in a Pot
Broadcast: October 14th 2017
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

When we think of spring we think of all of the different brightly coloured flowers, and what better way to showcase them than all together in a pot? Bonnie shows us how.

  • Bonnie chose plants with a warm pallete for her pot to reflect spring and summer vibes.
  • Biden’s Campfire and Biden’s Gold Mount which are bee attracting which is important for bringing the pollinators into the garden.
  • By adding a white flowering plant to the mix you can make all the other plants pop against one another.
  • Water the plants in with some sea salt to help settle your roots and promote a strong healthy root system.
  • In hotter climates it is important to water the plants every day, and in cooler climates every third to fourth day should be enough.

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