Soil Step-by-Step Guide

Episode: 10
Title: Soil Step-by-Step Guide
Broadcast: Oct 21 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Some of you regular Garden Guru viewers would know there are a couple things Nige likes- super foods and growing super foods –and today he shows us how to plant some of his favourites.

  • The first thing he needs to do is improve the soil and there are a couple of different types around Australia. The ideal soil for the best plant growth is alome- it’s got the perfect balance of clay, sand, silt and organic matter.
  • Here in Perth we have very sandy soils so we need to do some improvements. Sandy soils are common in coastal areas but the problem is they have no nutrients, no clay content and the water just leaches through.
  • These soil improvements aren’t just a quick fix, this is a permanent soil improver. What Nige is adding today is kaolin clay and mineral rich silt. This will actually rebuilt the structure of the sandy soil.
  • Soil Solver Clay Plus needs to be worked into the top 150-200mms of the soil with a rake. One bag will do 2 sq. mt and the addition of mature compost will solve your soil problems forever.
  • Aside from all of the wonderful rock minerals, it’s the kaolin clay that’s unique. It’s the same clay that’s used in brickmaking and rather than forming large sticky clogs, kaolin forms really small ones, which the sand and the minerals attach to.
  • Next water the soil thoroughly, and you’re ready to plant!

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