Fiskars Loppers

Episode: 10
Title: Fiskars Loppers
Broadcast: Oct 21 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

The growing season is well underway and the plants are powering on. With all that growth comes pruning and today Nige shows us a fantastic set from Fiskars.

  • Increased comfort, reduced fatigue. SoftGrip material with 3D contour molding prevents slipping and reduces force needed to hold the handle.
  • Easy to find. Orange color is very visible and therefore easy to find in garden.
  • Modern design. Colors also enhances the quality look and visibility.
  • Better control and reliability. Aluminum shaft is both sturdy and light to handle. Weather resistant, light and strong aluminum shafts - Scratches and marks are less visible on silver colour.
  • Best-in-class cutting power and durability. Patented PowerGear mechanism - Precision ground stainless steel blades. - Friction-reducing blade coating.

P: (03) 8643 2400