PowerFeed Controlled Release

Episode: 11
Title: PowerFeed Controlled Release
Broadcast: Oct 28 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Community gardens are places where people build gardens and friendships and Hawthorn Community Garden is an oasis of green close to the heart of the city. Today Mel checks it out.

  • Mel speaks to Bill (founder) on what this spot looked like before the community garden was built.
  • It was a quarry, an area where the council trucks were and they were able to move into another area, which allowed for the creation of an area with 60 garden plots for the community.
  • What this community garden has done from what they started with is gradually build the plots up over the course of 20 odd years.
  • A lot of different people enjoy this space, with several nationalities who share ideas and knowledge from all around the world.
  • Bill takes Mel to a plot with some difficulty growing and she introduces him to Seasol PowerFeed CRF, which combines a dynamic mix of nutrients, seaweed and microbes and is safe on all plants including natives.

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W: www.seasol.com.au