Misting Greenhouse and Bluetooth Tap Timer

Episode: 11
Title: Misting Greenhouse and Bluetooth Tap Timer
Broadcast: Oct 28 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Growing in greenhouses is a great for gardeners looking to grow in a controlled way, growing from seeds or seedlings and in a warm, humid environment.

  • Not all of us have the room or budget for a full-sized greenhouse and this Holman Greenhouse kit is ideal for the home growing enthusiast and it comes with a misting kit.
  • Assembly couldn’t be easier. Lay out all the pieces, start with the base and build each tier off the structure. There are no tools required you’ve just got to follow the diagram and the pictures on the box.
  • It wouldn’t be a greenhouse without water and humidity. The misting kit clips onto the greenhouse and runs from the top down to the base.
  • These misting emitters are perfect for the greenhouse. They deliver even water to the foliage and the root system. In the cooler months, they help create that warm moist environment, which is perfect for your seedlings and helps prevent any damage from frost.
  • The greenhouse works best when it’s hooked up to the Bluetooth tap timer that gets programmed through the iWater app. Once you’ve programmed it- that’s it! It does everything for you.

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