Lockridge Community Garden

Episode: 14
Title: Lockridge Community Garden
Broadcast: Nov 18th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Having a beautiful productive garden can be challenging, but also very rewarding. Remember the key to success behind any good garden is a great soil providing the nutrients and moisture for success.

  • Today Nige is at Lockridge Community Garden in Perth where things are pretty tough in the garden. Sandy soil and stinking hot summer temperatures make life very difficult when you’re trying to grow veggies.
  • About 3 years ago this was all turned around and the garden was turned into a beautiful urban oasis.
  • Kate Poll is the Main Gardener here and it’s her involvement which has done wonders for this place.
  • There was no life in the soil and it was so sandy. Kate had experimented quite a bit with clay at home and she found kaolin clay to work best so it started to be incorporated into the soil at Lockridge Community Garden.
  • The difference is phenomenal and a complete change. Soil Solver has the mineral content and Kate feels the garden would not manage without it.
  • The clay and the silt slow down the movement of water and nutrients in the soil, which is better for your plants and better for the environment and you’re using less water and less fertiliser, which is better for the pocket.
  • You can see the addition of the kaolin clay has done wonders for the garden, with a permanent soil transformation.

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