My Garden

Episode: 15
Title: My Garden
Broadcast: Nov 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Our viewers will know Trev tends to shoot a lot of the stories on Gurus in his garden. He’s shown you around before but here’s some highlights as we move from spring to true summer weather conditions.

  • Fruit trees have done really well again and much of that is due to the birds and the bees doing their job. Apricots and peaches are booming away and one job being done right now is thinning fruit out.
  • Taking every second fruit off now and giving it to the chooks or compost bin makes a huge difference to the results. This will basically ensure each of these golden queen peaches grow to be double the size they were going to be.
  • The vegetable garden is only really just taking off after a longer cooler winter. One job that's vitally important is tying tomatoes up to their stakes now.
  • There’s many different techniques, often people like to trim side shoots off and train to one central leader, but you can also just trim off a few excess branches and plants to sturdy stakes.
  • The entrance garden is a sea of flower and much of their success is due to two things: an open sunny position and good food and regular feeding with a controlled release plant food.
  • If you see flowers arrive but suddenly die or drop petals almost as soon as they’ve opened you’ve probably got a plague of thrips. If you do, grab some Richgro Bug Killa and shake it around the base of the plant before watering it in. its systemic moving through the sap and it stops attacks of thrips and aphids.
  • The native garden is now planted and starting to really take off. Remember that trimming plants early, feeding them with a native plant food and the occasional hand watering is important in the first year of establishment.

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