How to get Perfect Grass

Episode: 15
Title: How to get Perfect Grass
Broadcast: Nov 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We quite often get asked how to get lawn as good as the tennis club or bowling green and there’s a lot to getting that effect in both maintenance and initial soil preparation.

  • To get a better idea of the science behind this Trev catches up with Michael Martinez from Turfcare WA. His company constructs professional turf playing surfaces, renovates existing greens and manages the day to day care of playing surfaces, including Kings Park Tennis Club.
  • Turfcare WA look after about 35 professional tennis courts through the western suburbs of Perth and a huge focus of the business is quality of the court and for the client.
  • This type of green doesn’t happen just by accident, there’s a lot of work and science behind it and it all starts with knowing what you’re talking about and at ground level.
  • Lawn can be a water guzzler but that’s not correct if it’s done the right way
  • Of course the key here is getting the soil right in the beginning and the addition of kaolin clay, silt and rock minerals in the form of Soil Solver improves the performance of turf and plants as it keeps moisture around the plants roots.

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