How Garden Sculptures are Made

Episode: 15
Title: How Garden Sculptures are Made
Broadcast: Nov 25th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Last week Nige took you for a trip to the West of the country for a visit to Earlsferry House to meet Martin Jaine, a local artist who has filed his garden with some awe inspiring pieces and this week we take a look at how they’re made.

  • Nige and Martin take a look at the current masterpiece being worked on, which was just started yesterday morning.
  • 99% of the steel used for these sculptures are recycled and different types of steel are chosen for different parts of the sculpture.
  • The great thing with metal is you can hack it, chop it, change it and there’s a lot of tweaking that goes into these sculptures
  • All designed and created by Martin himself, Earlsferry House is definitely one to visit in Perth.

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