About Sunpalm Australia

Episode: 15
Title: About Sunpalm Australia
Broadcast: Nov 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

It was just over 5 years ago we first introduced you to a brand new fertiliser that looked at caring for plants in a whole new way. Trev first saw Troforte M used in a wholesale nursery in Darwin and the results were simply incredible.

  • Troforte M is unique because of its mineral content with over 60 micro-macro mineral nutrients. More importantly, this fertiliser was all about caring for the soil and caring for the plants.
  • It’s origins with helping plant and vegetable growers has seen the Troforte technology become an important air to farmers looking to improve harvest without denuding the land of its fertility.
  • Today Trev visits a farm to show a great example of what’s being achieved and Paul Storer knows all about the Troforte system. Trev speaks to Paul on the Troforte Farming System and the whole idea behind it. The Troforte technologies are used to put minerals back into the soil, and the beneficial microbial system is used to eat the fertiliser and condition the soil.
  • Trev also speaks to Dr. Anna Hopkins from Edith Cowan University to discuss the problem for a lot of farmers that the climate is drying more and we’re seeing a lot more issues with soil that doesn’t wet properly. Troforte and ECU are trying to understand the role the microbes might be playing in reducing this and where we can harness some of these microbes and add them to the Troforte fertilisers.
  • It’s important to remember that many of the innovations we have with home garden products have their genesis in agriculture and forestry and that we can actually get our hands on Troforte M that helps feed our soils, which creates a healthy soil for our plants.

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