UWA Soil Science

Episode: 1
Title: UWA Soil Science
Broadcast: Mar 3rd 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’re not a gardener, it can get confusing when experts talk about beneficial soil microbes and how important a healthy soil is. But what is a healthy soil? We’re going to help you understand that when you look at dirt, it’s actually a universe of lifeforms playing important roles.

  • Angela Rossen from the school of Biological sciences at the university of Western Australia helps us learn more about soil biota.
  • Whilst adding organics in the form of compost can help, the reality is that it’s not a permanent fix.
  • In many cases the plants we love, from giant ancient trees to food plants like tomatoes, would not exist without the help of some of the lifeforms found in the soil, in some cases quite literally connected to the plants roots.
  • The soil is alive so it’s important to remember that we have to treat the soil with respect.
  • Chemicals can seriously harm the biota in our soils and this can set back the overall health of your garden.
  • When emptying buckets of soapy water or using chemicals outdoors, be sure not to throw them into your garden soil.

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