Autumn Lawn Care

Episode: 1
Title: Autumn Lawn Care
Broadcast: Mar 3rd 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

If you’re a lawn lover like Nige, you should know that Autumn is a very important time of year for lawn care and maintenance. What you do now will help with that Autumn to Winter transition.

  • As the days are getting shorter, less sunlight is available which affects your lawn’s ability to photosynthesise, so around mid-late autumn you should raise the mowing height, giving a longer lawn with a larger leaf surface area and improved photosynthesis. The longer leaves will also help reduce seed germination of Winter weeds.
  • Rotary mowers like the Rover have a height adjustment lever on the side. Before you get mowing check to ensure everything’s in order, that includes the 4 swing back blades for superior cutting and catching should be sharp and secure.
  • With rotary mowers, start mowing around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, this throws any debris towards the middle of the lawn which can get picked up by the catcher later.
  • A couple of passes gives plenty of turnaround room for the more regimented up and down mowing. Overlapping a little will ensure a proper cut and no mohawks.
  • The Duracut 820 has a powerful 159cc overhead valve engine, perfect for small to medium-sized lawns and designed for harsh Australian conditions with an 18 inch wide, 1.8mm thick steel deck. The operator presence safety stop cuts the engine if not held.
  • Autumn fertilizing gives your lawn strength and vigour over the winter months when warm season grasses like buffalo, couch and kikuyu are in a dormancy phase.
  • Mowing frequency depends on your location, lawn type and growing conditions, as a rule you should only be removing a third of the leaf, so if you’re doing more than that, increase the frequency.

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