Hedging “On Par”

Episode: 1
Title: Hedging “On Par”
Broadcast: Mar 3rd 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

When you find a good hedging plant you stick with it – and this one is a ripper. This little beauty goes by the name of Pittosporum ‘Golf Ball’ and as far as hedging plants go - it ticks all of the boxes.

  • It has a lovely natural rounded shape to just 80 cm tall and wide. Best of all, it maintains this shape with no trimming or pruning so it makes the perfect border or hedge.
  • ‘Golf Ball’ is a vigorous grower, but still stays nice and dense and compact. It branches right from the base, so you get foliage down to ground, which is important in a hedge – no ugly bare legs.
  • The foliage is a lovely colour - bright minty-green and very glossy and it looks this good in every season. It does produce small, inconspicuous chocolate-purple flowers in late spring/early summer – but it’s the foliage and shape which make this plant top of the list for a mid-sized hedge or border.
  • ‘Golf ball’ thrives in a sunny or partly shaded spot, but if you live in a hot dry area part shade is best. It’s a remarkably dry tolerant and an easy care, no fuss plant. Try growing it as a hedge along a driveway, to divide a garden room or to highlight a particular bed. You could even grow it as a feature shrub or give it pride of place in a decorative pot.
  • Pittosporum or ‘Hole in one’ has all of the same great attributes as ‘Golf Ball’ – a fabulous natural shape without trimming, dense, compact growth and foliage down to the ground. But ‘Hole in One’ boasts variegated foliage. The leaves have a lovely silvery sheen, a great contrast to deeper greens or burgundy coloured plants.
  • ‘Hole in One’ also has a slightly smaller growth habit. ‘Hole in One’ grows to 50 cm tall and wide, making it perfect for a low growing hedge or border and all year round.

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