Seasol Natural Plant Tonic

Episode: 1
Title: Seasol Natural Plant Tonic
Broadcast: Mar 3rd 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Garden Gurus started 17 years ago in Perth when the city was in the grip of one its biggest water crises. One of the first things Perth gardeners learnt is that dry, impoverished sands and water stressed plants greatly benefit from seaweed.

  • We’re using a special seaweed brew created with unique giant kelp harvested from the deep waters around King Island.
  • It helps plants by invigorating soil health and root vigor.
  • The results were noticeable, and this resulted in better flowering and fruit production.
  • Your starting point for reinvigorating stressed plants is a soaking with Seasol Natural Plant Tonic, over the foliage and drench the roots for best results.
  • An application every 2 weeks for a few months will do the garden the world of good.

P: 1800 335 508