The Gurus visit Allison Langdon

Episode: 2
Title: The Gurus visit Allison Langdon
Broadcast: Mar 10th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

On this series of the Garden gurus we are travelling the country to visit some of our Favourite Nine Network Personalities back yards. This week we are visiting the garden of Weekend Today host and 60 minutes reporter Alison Langdon. It’s a little piece of paradise in the busy city of Sydney.

  • Allisons main garden issues come from her gorgeous dog, Sport, who causes quite a bit of wear and tear on the lawn. There are certain yellow and dead patches as well as digging.
  • The best way to fix this lawn is very simple; its just about stimulating root growth.
  • The elevated garden bed is constantly getting run through by the dog. Another issue is that the dominant soil in this area is sand. This is very hard to get water to the plants.
  • The dwarf Lilly Pilly plant makes a lovely small hedge. The garden bed just needs a thicker layer of mulch and a wetting agent.
  • The lawn at the top layer of the house gets quite a load of weeds in it and seems to be of a different quality to the rest of the grass.

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