Apartment Gardening

Episode: 2
Title: Apartment Gardening

Broadcast: Mar 10th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Our cities in Australia are changing rapidly as our population grows. More and more people seem to be leaving the country and this has seen city living density increase in all our city’s. In most places close to the CBD this means backyards are disappearing.

  • The reality environments lush with plants are good for us, for our general health, vitality and mental health too. Julian Rose from Deep Green Landscapes has recently completed an interesting new complex that delivers a lush tropical green environment.
  • More and more we are seeing lush, tropical gardens in apartment style buildings. Some have the exotic look that they would originate in places like Thailand but in fact, they are actually native to hot, dry climates.
  • Living roof tops and walls provide a natural air conditioning effect and exchange moisture into the area.
  • These apartments are still operating under water restrictions with watering occurring only twice per week. This is achieved by the special fertilizer which holds onto water long enough for plants to get enough out of them.
  • A bit of trimming and a bit of pruning with the main focus being fertilizing is all that is needed to achieve this.

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