Succulent Planting Bowl

Episode: 2
Title: Succulent Planting Bowl
Broadcast: March 10th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Succulents are a really fascinating, interesting group of plants. Nigel works with the Echeveria ’Paul Bunyan’, Cotyledon and the Sedum Blue Pearl today.

  • These succulents all come from dry areas so they are perfect for a feature bowl.
  • The key to a successful feature bowl is the potting mix. Succulents need good drainage so Nigel uses a specialized mix for succulents which will drain well but also hold the moisture that the plants need.
  • These plants are good to use together as the colours mix well together.
  • The display will last a long time, all through the hot Aussie summer with minimal water usage.
  • These are also great for gift use!

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