From Park to Plate

Episode: 2
Title: From Park to Plate
Broadcast: March 10th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’ve followed The Garden Gurus over the years you will know we are big advocates of the edible verge garden concept, as city gardens shrink it makes sense to utilize this public space to provide food. We’ve just discovered a significant bold new step forward in the use of public open space for food production and if this is the future its very exciting.

  • The City of Bayswater has developed a new edible pocket garden policy and Chris Cornish deputy Mayor and councilor first floated the idea of letting residents grow their veggies on council verges and expanded to local parks back in 2015.
  • At every park in the city of Bayswater if residents would like to plant some food producing plants it is a very simple process to be able to with just one form.
  • Imagine if this process happened in parks all over Australia- food products in parks for the community to share.
  • Have a chat to your local council about installing a food forrest into local parks.

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