Why it’s Important to Care for your Lawn

Episode: 2
Title: Why it’s Important to Care for your Lawn
Broadcast: Mar 10th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

For a quality lawn mowing job you’ve got be good with your detailed work around trees, stepping stones and edges. Specialist lawn shears work well but that work takes a long time, for speed and efficiency you can’t beat a good line trimmer.

  • Always remember safety equipment, ear and eye protection and maybe long pants, some people like the full face protection visor.
  • When trimming match the mowing height for an even look, and be careful around trees not too ring bark them.
  • The Rover RS2600 has a powerful 25cc 2 stroke engine, Spring Assist starting for easy pulling, a curved shaft for balance and clear viewing of the trimming zone, a 43cm trimming diameter and at 5.2 kg is light weight.
  • The RS3000 has the same functions as the 2600 but comes with a 29cc 4 stroke engine for greater durability.
  • Both line trimmers are multi function units capable of operating 7 different attachments, obviously not all at once. These attachments are also multi brand compatable which means they work with most other attachment capable trimmers. Nice touch.

P: 1300 951 594
W: www.rover.com.au