Cool Climate Plants

Episode: 3
Title: Cool Climate Plants
Broadcast: Mar 17th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Today Nige shows us a great example what can be done in the cool climate regions of our sunburnt country, showcasing some beautiful specimens.

  • The silver Birch love the cooler times, they really are spectacular. Wonderful silver bark and this lovely weeping habit. The leaves here are just starting to take on that golden yellow appearance and within the next few weeks they will be quite the spectacle.
  • There are some amazing maples out there and they really are spectacular or their autumn foliage colour. You can get all sorts of different types including dwarf and weeping. You don’t need a massive garden to have one of these beauties!
  • Have a look at the awesome tree ferns- Dicksonia are perfect for the cooler climates of Australia and if you can mass plant them they look spectacular.
  • The Rhododendron has big leaves and is also a great one for cool climates. There are some amazing Conifers on the planet but be careful because they can get really big!

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