Starting a Money Saving Garden

Episode: 3
Title: Starting a Money Saving Garden
Broadcast: Mar 17th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Some of your favourite plants can be grown easily at home without costing you money. In fact you can save money establishing a new garden using this technique. Here are some tips to help you fill the garden full of colour just in time for next spring.

  • Agapanthus are one of the toughest and easiest to grow plants but how do you grow them? It’s quite simple really, splitting these guys up with a sharp spade is the easiest way to go. Dig the full clump out first. then carefully cut through the clumps with a sharp knife, try to keep two to three plants per clump before replanting.
  • This is a prized possession in my garden, the sacred Lily of the Inca’s. It's a tough Pseudo Lily that is best split. This one has popped up in the garden bed and will compete with the roses. There are some gaps in the border around the outside of the beds so taking this out and splitting it will do a lot of good. Simply lift this clump and break it apart with your hands. Then soak it before planting into the new planting holes around the garden.
  • The incredibly tough white Tiger Dietes a unique variety of Dietes .this plant has a silver variegation which is quite different and the usual Dietes flower. It's a tough plant making it ideal for low water volume areas or high traffic areas like driveways. Lift and grab a knife, it’s rhizomes are hard and will need some cutting action to break through. Split into individual plantlets and this is a plant that you can pop straight back into a good quality garden soil.
  • Day lilies have finished their summer flowering now and splitting them up will give you more plants and a lot more colour next spring and summer. The strategy is the same as the others, gently lift the plant and pop it on a table before carefully breaking the plant apart separating individual plants. Each one with a root system will produce 2 to 4 plantlets and make a clump by next summer when they hit full flower flush again.
  • Splitting clumping plants up is a great idea as it triggers stronger flowering next spring, and if you don't have some of these plants but know someone who does you might be able to help them and get a few plants to get you started at the same time... food for thought?

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