Rules to a Great Looking Lawn

Episode: 3
Title: Rules to a Great Looking Lawn
Broadcast: Mar 17th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Here at Panorama Garden Estate on the Mornington Peninsula just outside Melbourne, and what a beautiful place it is. The gardens are spectacular and so are the lawns, which are what we focus on today.

  • Following a good lawn maintenance program and a few simple rules and you too will have a great looking lawn and it all starts with choosing the right variety suited to your environment.
  • Sun and shade are particularly important. Most varieties need full sun, if you’ve got some shady areas you’re better off with one of the shade tolerant buffalos. Your local turf farm will help with more specific advice for your area.
  • Mowing too low is the biggest mistake people make, especially in winter when many lawns are dormant. Raise the cutting height in autumn for winter and in shady areas or times of drought and stress. The longer leaf blade is better for photosynthesis, helps shade the soil below reducing water evaporation and reduces weed germination. As a rule only remove a third of the leaf per mow, if you’re mowing off more, increase the mowing frequency.
  • Staying on top of weeds is critical, don’t let them get out of control and become a big problem. Good old-fashioned hand weeding works well but some weeds are difficult.
  • Lawn grubs like to eat your lawn causing all sorts of damage. Curl grubs, active from spring to autumn eat the roots, others like armyworm, cut worm and sod webworm eat the leaves and are active in summer and autumn.
  • There are plenty of treatments on the shelves including seasonal preventative treatments. If you see some dead patches or unusual leaf damage investigate, sometimes you can see the dirty grubbers sometimes you can’t, just be sure to take action.

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