Different Mowers for Different Environments

Episode: 4
Title: Different Mowers for Different Environments
Broadcast: Mar 24th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel is a grass man and today he is using a few different mowers, designed for different types of lawns and different mowing situations.

  • The Rover Dura Cut 850SP is a great mower for small to medium sized lawns and your average garden situation. Being self-propelled makes life a lot easier. More mowing, less energy! The
  • The 4 high lift blades and 18-inch deck make for a beautiful cut on fine to medium grass. The deck wash keeps things clean and the safe stop bar cuts the engine immediately if not held by the operator. Very little maintenance with the Core 1010 battery, no petrol means less emissions and less noise, with a runtime of 60 minutes per battery. But don’t worry, the Rover charges the second battery as you go!
  • For fine leafed, flat growing grass like couch a cylinder mower does a lovely job. They are used on bowling and golf greens for precision mowing excellence.
  • If things are getting a bit rough and uneven a utility mower is the way to go. These can handle the action on rough terrain and still do a nice mowing job. With strong wheels and good design, its perfect for those paddocks.
  • For large areas, areas you really need a ride on mower, the Rover Lawn King has got a wide deck, anti-scalping wheels, electric PTO and cruise control for constant, accurate mowing speed.
  • For challenging terrain and negotiating obstacles your best bet is a zero turn ride on, it comes with lap bars or a steering wheel for total control and accuracy. The wide deck, anti scalping, turf safe wheels, 22 HP engine, dual transmission and high back seat make it a smooth ride and an magnificent mowing experience all year round!

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