Revive Summer Stressed Gardens

Episode: 5
Title: Revive Summer Stressed Gardens
Broadcast: Mar 31st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor is answering the constantly asked question of ‘What can I do to bring my plants back from the brink’ after seeing many heat and water stressed plants right across Australia.

  1. Plants suffering heat stress can be helped by the old-fashioned cure of feeding plants seaweed, reinvigorating the soil, stimulating root growth and helping the plant recover.
  2. Seasol uses bull kelp collected from King Island put in a liquid form. Its secret recipe is proven to boost stressed garden plants and with added ingredients the new formula uses a balanced source of nutrients, liquid compost and seaweed to kick start a sad lawn, garden or potted plant.
  3. Coming in a 2L hose on pack, hose it over the foliage and around the roots and you will get an amazing result.

P: 1800 335 508