Vegetable Gardening

Episode: 5
Title: Vegetable Gardening
Broadcast: Mar 31st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Now one of the best times of year to grow your own Vegetables and Herbs at home and particularly if you are using an existing summer crop garden bed you will need to do some serious work on the soil.

  • After harvesting summer crops the soil will be used and depleted of nutrients and the first thing to be done is to add organic matter such as sheep manure, straw or mulch such as Lucin and boost the nutrient content in the soil to fight off pests and diseases, to ensure large healthy crops.
  • Remember soil is the key to gardening success, to ensure planting success enriching it is vital. if you have already planted you can still help your soil.
  • Trevor has been using Troforte M in his Vegetable and herb patches for years with incredible results.
  • Troforte M has a complex mineral base, which recharges tired soils and assists in generates sensational crops and repels pests
  • The Fertiliser has beneficial soil microbes, consuming minerals slowly and releasing to the plant slowly over many months to converting organic matter into plant food and improving the water holding capacity of the humus in the soil.
  • The team at Troforte are constantly innovating, looking at the microbes and looking at ways they can make organic gardening even easier, including one that removes the waxy layer of sand and organic matter to improve the water holding ability of sand naturally.
  • Apply Troforte to the ground and gently rake it in, plant up your vegetables and water it in thoroughly, it will start to work instantly bringing health to your garden and you.

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