Rainbow Coast Community Garden

Episode: 5
Title: Rainbow Coast Community Garden
Broadcast: Mar 31st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In Trevor’s view community gardens are all about sharing, a sense of pride and achievement and building community strength, the reason why he loves discovering new community gardens.

  1. Running for 10 years, the garden was moved a year ago and the volunteers spent time preparing the soil for the movement of the trees and plants, which is open to the whole community at all times.
  2. Growing from 3 volunteers a year ago to currently 15, they would like to be growing food for the soup kitchen and offering nutritional training.
  3. The garden encourages the community to learn more about horticulture and how to service the community with more horticultural businesses.
  4. People within the community are allowed to come and take produce for their meals
  5. A nursery is now operating and will be self-sustaining where the money from the nursery goes straight back into the garden

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