Keeping your Edges Trim

Episode: 5
Title: Keeping your Edges Trim
Broadcast: Mar 31st 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

If it’s a quality lawn mowing job you’re after, you really need well-trimmed, neat and tidy edges and for that you need a quality trimmer.

  1. A generous 43cm trimming path, means more trimming in less time.
  2. An edging attachment can be installed in a quick and easy process, by releasing one and putting on their other, providing a clean edge all times, much like a spaded edge only quicker and easier.
  3. Additionally, comes with a brush-cutter, cultivator, hedge-trimming tools and extension pole.
  4. With the 56cm double sided blades, the articulated hedge trimmer gives you all the angles you need, perfect for branches up to 20mm.
  5. Easy to start spring assist 4 stroke 29CC powered engine
  6. To clean up Nigel recommends using the Core Blower, a turbine blower running on 40-volt battery with the power of a petrol blower.
  7. As with all power tools, it is important to wear the proper safety gear.

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