Naturally based insect spray for your garden

Episode: 6
Title: Naturally based insect spray for your garden.
Broadcast: April 7th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

A few weeks ago, Trevor introduced us to the news a family of chemicals has been banned in Australia, the move being essential for preserving the health of our Bee populations and shows us today how naturally based insect sprays can be used in our gardens.

  • One in every three mouthfuls of food we consume is a result of pollination by Honey Bees and without them one third of the population won’t be able to get their hands on good quality food.
  • Beat a Bug is a natural option available which is safe on Bees and humans and had a one day with-holding period before consuming crops and controls most chewing, sucking and annoying pests as well.
  • Made completely from natural ingredients including Chili, Garlic and Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide from African Daisies.
  • The combination of ingredients controls all sorts of chewing and sucking insects, including Caterpillars, Aphids and Thrips through a spray over the foliage, with some instant solutions whilst additional offering preventative measures too by repelling insects
  • Spray the product on a cool and you won’t see bugs for a long time.
  • Apply the product late in the day and bring your pets in at night and in the morning your garden will be fine for your pets, as the Chili can upset their sensitive noses and eye membrane
  • Avoid spraying before rain or your sprinklers are run, to maximize the amount of time the product is left on the foliage, the longer pests will stay away.
  • An additional use for the product is it can be used as an effective deterrent to bugs entering your house, such as Ants by spraying along their line, whilst also working for other bugs that come inside such as Earwigs and Slaters and best of all its safe on beneficial insects and Bees.

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