Organic, Nutrient Rich Plant Food

Episode: 6
Title: Organic, Nutrient Rich Plant Food
Broadcast: April 7th 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa shows us how to work with nature and garden the organic way.

  • If growing your own produce, it’s great to know the journey it has taken and there is nothing better than organically home grown produce.
  • When looking for an organic fertilizer it is essential to look for a complete food, including organic nitrogen for healthy growth, organic phosphorus for strong roots and organic potassium to improve the quality of flowers and fruit.
  • Yates Nature’s Way Palletized Plant food is packed with goodness and contains rich organic nutrients including compost and manure, blood and bone, fish meal and seaweed and can be used on everything in the garden, including native plants.
  • Easy to scatter pellets work for up to 6-8 weeks, feeding your plants, strengthening the roots and improving the soil, simply mix them into the top soil with a rake or apply to the soil before planting.
  • Alternatively, it comes in an easy to spray on formula, simply click it on to the hose and use it to feed every corner of the garden and apply every 1-3 weeks or more often during flowering and fruiting.
  • An Australian Organic Registered Garden Product, which can be used on your garden year-round on all plants to promote healthy growth, beautiful flowers and abundant fruit and veggies.
  • The Yates team are available online 7 days a week to answer any gardening questions or further information on the product.

P: 1300 369 074