Sweetening Citrus Fruit

Episode: 6
Title: Sweetening Citrus Fruit
Broadcast: April 7th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Now is the time to be focused on getting the best out of your citrus trees and Trevor shows us how to improve the quality of our produce, whilst improving the health of the tree.

  • As citrus trees start to set their fruit we can help to ensure the fruit is even better by boosting the fruit to ensure the sweetness in the flesh.
  • The soil can have an influence on the taste of the fruit, if the soil is a little sour, the same thing can happen to the fruit, though if you boost it and sweeten it with the right nutrients and microbes in the soil if applied whilst the fruit is setting, will be the sweetest and juiciest fruit you have ever had.
  • There are definitely specialist citrus and fruit tree plant foods that are great, though the Troforte Citrus and Fruit Fertilizer takes the caring of our trees to a whole new level.
  • The complexity of the nutrients the product supplies the plant is a great benefit of the product which contains over 60 mircro and macro nutrients and when spread around the soil it is taken up by the plants through the roots, into the tree and into the fruit.
  • Whilst being great for citrus, the product is also excellent for other plants as it is also a soil food and is activated when coming into contact with moisture, making the soil healthier and the plants that grown in it, providing a 4-6 month feeding activity in the garden soils and enriching with additional organic matter will only further improve the soils quality.
  • With the extended feeding activity of the product, Troforte allows for support of the plant once the fruit has been picked, which boosts growth and allows for support for the next flowering period and when your trees stronger its able to carry more fruit and fight off pests and diseases.

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