The importance of irreplaceable secateurs

Episode: 6
Title: The importance of irreplaceable secateurs.
Broadcast: April 7th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows us the new Powergear2 secateurs from world leading company Fiskars and how the product has gone to new lengths to make pruning so much easier.

  • Clean cuts when pruning is vitally important to a plants health, as crushed and ripped stems invite disease and dieback into plants.
  • The contoured handle of the product makes gripping easier and more comfortable, the rolling action is brilliant for people with limited movement or arthritis, as it rolls with the movement of the cut, reducing strain.
  • The Blade is made from hardened Stainless Steel which is vital for a clean cut.
  • An Ultra Blade coating protects the blades and keeps them sharp for longer and stops them from gumming up, a significant problem with secateurs so they don’t get very dirty and protects them from rust on the accidental occasion they are left out in the rain, which is very important.
  • With 3/4Inch cutting capacity, and gears enabling three times more cutting power, meaning Powergear2 doesn’t allow you to lose momentum when you hit the hardwood, it simply allows you to cut without crushing, bruising or ripping tissue.
  • Now is the time to get out and start pruning your garden and these secateurs are an essential and irreplaceable gardening tool and you can by your pair of Powergear2 secateurs exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse.