Leverage Power & Results

Episode: 7
Title: Leverage Power & Results
Broadcast: April 14th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Clumping Bamboos are wicked plants and they make fantastic screens but sometimes they get a bit big around the base and you need to thin them out.

  • The Fiskars PowerGear UltraBlade Loppers are perfect for this thick, hard bamboo.
  • The patented PowerGears give you three times more power on every cut.
  • The UltraBlade coating bonds to the blade so they last 5 times longer than non-treated blades.
  • You get reduced friction, the blade stays sharp and it makes them rust resistant.
  • The loppers come with a lifetime guarantee and they all have really comfortable handles.
  • These loppers are exclusive to Bunnings and they would make a nice addition to any toolkit.

W: www.fiskars.com.au