You CAN do it on a Kanga

Episode: 7
Title: You CAN do it on a Kanga
Broadcast: April 14th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nige has done his fair share of digging over the years to know that after a few hours, the novelty starts to wear off and it can be a bit of a punish. Today he shows you a much easier way.

  • One of the great things about landscaping is the action, usually things happen quickly and you get to see the fruits of your labour every day.
  • Today Nige has some pipe to lay in the ground around 300mm deep. With the shovel we’d estimate 3-4 days digging, but with the Kanga, just a couple of hours!
  • For this job we will set up the Kanga’s trench attachment, its easy just disconnect the hydraulics, connect the trencher and connect the pipes and your away!.
  • Now that the trench is dug and pipe is laid it’s time to back fill, so it’s a quick change over to the bucket for the trench filling.
  • Next we use the auger attachment, there are a few different sizes for these, perfect for drilling post holes for decks and fences and good too for large tree planting. Just make sure you scuff up the sides of a tree planting hole to aid with root development, they don’t like smooth sides.
  • There are loads attachments for the Kanga loader with something for just about every job around the place.

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