Give your Plants the Best Start to Life

Episode: 7
Title: Give your Plants the Best Start to Life
Broadcast: April 14th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Winter is a wonderful time for planting all sorts of trees and shrubs, natives, exotics and deciduous plants and they all do well if planted this time of the year but what if there was a way you could guarantee successful establishment every time you planted out or even potted up your favourite plants?

  • When you’ve dug your hole or filled the pot with soil there’s an additive that can make the world of difference to the success and it stays with the plant for the first couple of years as it establishes.
  • Seasol Planting Gels are a clever highly absorbent polymer that is added below the root ball at planting time. A spoonful of this around the roots will do a few things for a plant, the most important is keep even and consistent moisture levels around developing roots
  • You can buy them as dry granules but the problem with this is when you water them in they expand and this lifts your plant up. You have to add them expanded, and if you were clever you’d add Seasol, because we all know Seasol reduces transplant shock and encourages the rapid development of new roots, establishing the plant quickly.
  • With this in mind the clever people at Seasol have created a ready to go planting gel tub with semi-hydrated gel infused with Seasol and the results you get in establishing your plants are quite remarkable.
  • Simply pop this into the base of the hole or pot of any of your garden plants for amazing results everytime.

P: 1800 335 508