The Spirited Garden – South Korea

Story Title: The Spirited Garden – South Korea
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Spirited Garden is a truly beautiful 10 acre manicured landscape in traditional Asian style. It was built on Jeju Island in 1968 by a then ambitious 29 year old man named Bum Young Sung, a man with a passion for trees

  • He fell in love with Bonsai as a young man, they are known as Bunjae in Korea and he dreamt of creating a Garden where people could admire their beauty in a stunning natural setting. And he achieved that big time
  • This is truly beautiful, he has built this whole garden with his bare hands and whilst there has been help its his vision and drive that has seen this incredible creation evolve into something of true beauty.
  • The ponds, waterfalls, bridges, giant walls and rock features are something you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate what he’s been able to create,
  • The Spirited Garden sits in the southern side of jeju Island a magical exotic province off the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. You have to see this place to believe it.. and it's a wonderful holiday destination.