Garden Lights by Holman

Story Title: Garden Lights by Holman
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Holman Garden lights tick a few boxes for everyone, especially if you love tech savvy products. The garden light controller is the key to this garden light party.

  • The installing process extremely easy. You can simply add and remove lights to the cables
  • It syncs to your smart phone through the Holman app via Bluetooth. you can then control the light intensity, run time and with the RGB lights you can choose any colour you desire.
  • You can light up paths, statues or larger trees. I have position a 100mm spot light underneath this maple to bring it to life at night.
  • All the lights are made from die cast aluminium with a low watt LED for a long-lived life which also has a low energy consumption. They have a high waterproof IP67 rating, which is extremely important.