Introduction to Garden Girl

Story Title: Introduction to Garden Girl
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Melissa King

It’s difficult to find work wear that’s comfortable, functional and feminine. Melissa has come across Garden Girl – a collection of workwear designed by women for women.

  • It was started by a Swedish designer - Petra Maison - whose passion for gardening sprouted into a full line of women’s work clothes and tools.
  • This international brand has made its way into Australian gardens and it’s all about style, quality and durability.
  • No more oversized overalls and unflattering fits. Every stich, seam and pocket is designed by women. There is even a higher rise on the pants and elastic panels to keep you well covered when you’re bending and stretching in the garden
  • From Garden Girl Trousers to classic overalls, with pockets in all the right places. There’s even rainwear and hats, Wellington boots, tools, aprons and accessories. Whatever the gear, Garden girl makes it cute and comfortable.