Feeding Your Native Plants & Soil

Story Title: Feeding Your Native Plants & Soil
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Native plants are the varieties that grow in the state or region of Australia you live in. Often, we talk about Australian plants as native plants but that can be deceptive as some of our most stunning Grevillea species originate from the northern NSW region where there’s summer rainfall and humidity, whilst at the same time Victoria Adelaide and Perth is hot and dry. In these climates those natives need supplementary watering to survive

  • Australian plants have evolved in soils with small amounts of nutrient and they have sustained themselves that way for thousands of years. So, applying regular fertilisers can be problematic for some species
  • There are specialized fertilisers designed for certain plants. and with natives it’s very important you choose carefully… especially now as they are coming into flower or in some cases just finished, this is a great time to give them a boost and liquid is a good option.
  • Its composed of an organic base using liquid composts and humates which improves the soils structure and health whilst boosting with natural nutrients derived from fish with added trace elements and minerals as well.
  • A liquid form acts straight away, you can see a difference in the plants within a week of applying, the foliage is glossy and healthy and often you will see the plant produce more and larger flowers.

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