Yates Baythroid Advanced for Garden

Story Title: Yates Baythroid Advanced for Garden
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Whether you have vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants and shrubs, all these plants can be attacked by various pesky bugs which can quickly destroy your hard work leaving you disappointed.

  • There are two main types to watch out for – the sucking and chewing pests. Sucking pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrips and whiteflies suck the sap depleting your plants of nutrients causing leaf distortion and curling, leaf yellowing, and with severe infestations can even lead to plant death. Chewing pests like caterpillars and grasshoppers chew through leaves, stems and buds
  • The highly concentrated 50mL bottle makes up to 125L of spray which will cover large gardens easily and represents amazing value.
  • Easy-to-use it comes with an applicator syringe allowing you to measure the exact dose needed directly into your sprayer with minimal handling.
  • As well as aphids and caterpillars, Baythroid Advanced will also control mealybugs, whiteflies, thrips, lacebug, passion vine hopper, garden weevils and also destructive grasshoppers on ornamental plants

Website: www.yates.com.au