Looking after your citrus trees

Story Title: Looking after your citrus trees
TX Date: 15th September 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Coming out of winter, it’s time to start attending to your citrus tree. Making sure you’re not underfeeding it is essential to the health of your tree.

  • Citrus must be fertilised multiple times a year, and they require a fair amount of nitrogen to keep them content. Adding animal manures to the soil in autumn will condition the soil over the winter, and applying Troforte M Fruit and Citrus fertiliser to your trees during the growing season is a great way to keep them healthy
  • Fertilising twice in the spring and once during summer should be sufficient for most citrus trees. Make sure to apply the fertiliser to the tree’s drip line. To find the drip line, look to the outer foliage and then to the ground directly beneath it.
  • Using Troforte liquid plant food in conjunction with any of their granular fertilisers will give you the optimum result out of your citrus trees. This liquid plant feed lasts up to 3 months and becomes rain fast after 2 hours from applying it to your trees
  • As fruit forms, consistent watering is extremely important. A layer of mulch will help bring a bit of consistence to the mix, giving the trees a huge head start in the first few years of their lives.

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