Title: Wildflowers
Date: 22nd September 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Wildflower season is in full bloom in WA. And all around the south-west of the state, you’ll be able to find incredible displays of these beautiful flowers.

  • The South-West corner of WA, stretching from Kalbarri to Esperance, is considered one of the world’s top 12 biodiversity hotspots. There are over 12000 unique plant species in WA alone – compare this to the 1500 in the whole of the UK!
  • The Black Kangaroo Paw is the last species of a genus known as ‘macropidia’. While a single species genus would usually be doomed to extinction, nurserymen and women have been able to grow this by using modern propagation techniques.
  • This year features the best bloom in a generation, with carpets of everlasting covering hundreds of square kilometres.
  • If you’d like to grow your own everlastings, make sure to purchase the seeds in November, and plant them in March. Underplanting in semi-shaded positions around other plants is the best way.

W: http://www.thegardengurus.tv/