Holmans Deck Lights

Title: Holman Deck Lights
Date: 22nd September 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Garden lights are such an important part of truly appreciating the beauty of a garden, especially at night-time. While older garden lights have been quite hit and miss, Holman has a new range of energy efficient lights that will make your garden look truly incredible.

  • While the old-fashioned systems usually involved twisting wires together or jamming them into sockets, the new plug n play system allows you to easily plug in and set up the system yourself, with no electricians required.
  • One of the best ways to add life to outdoor deck areas is to up light from the deck. This delivers an almost magical effect as well as the practicality of defining the deck area so that people won’t trip or fall.
  • These lights come with RBG technology, allowing you to adjust from a subtle up light to the most vibrant of colours, straight from your phone. You can also switch the lights on and off straight from your phone, saving you a trip outside to switch them off.
  • The app to control your lights is called the igardener and gives you the ability to turn your lights on and off at specified timeframes. On top of this, it also gives you 4 different lighting scenes, allowing different light shows in different parts of your garden.

P: (08) 9416 9999
W: https://www.holmanindustries.com.au/