Cymbidium Orchids

Story Title: Cymbidium Orchids
TX Date: 29th September 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

The orchid has always been an object of obsession and fascination, and are a perfect choice to add a splash of colour to your garden.

  • Cymbidium orchids come in a huge variety of plants, and work perfectly for gardens with limited space – as they are cascading orchids, they’re easy to hang off a pergola or an awning
  • When hanging your own cymbidium orchid, make sure to place them somewhere sunny where they won’t get too much water. Under a shelter is a perfect location, as you will be able to regulate the amount of water the plant receives
  • Make sure you aren’t fertilising too much during the winter, as this will interrupt the plant’s flowering. In the summer, the opposite is true
  • Don’t be put off by their exotic look, as cymbidium orchids really are such an incredibly easy plant to grow on your own