Getting rid of indoor plant pests

Story Title: Getting rid of indoor plant pests
TX Date: 29th September 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

With indoor plants becoming one of the hottest trends in offices and homes the world over, it’s important to know how to keep pests under control.

  • Pests are a major problem for indoor plants. While you shouldn’t be spraying insecticide indoors, it is important you know how to treat them
  • Insects such as the longtailed mealybug suck the sap out of your plant. You’ll notice your plant becoming sticky as they do this – these are sap trails left by the insects
  • An excellent way to control your pest problem is through tablets. When a tablet is planted in the soil, it is absorbed through the roots and into the sap. This will then then poison the sap sucking insects
  • A spray, such as Baythroid Advanced, is a fantastic way to get rid of your pest problem. Make sure to take your plant outside before you spray it so that the chemicals don’t get trapped in the building