Cacti and Succulents

Story Title: Cacti and Succulents
TX Date: 29th September 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

The world of cacti and succulents make an excellent jumping off point for the first-time gardener.

  • Most varieties of succulents like to be grown in warm, sunny positions. In cold climates, especially those exposed to heavy frosts, make sure to keep your plants undercover, or a in greenhouse to prevent any damage
  • Despite their tough looking exteriors, your succulent still needs you to care for it, especially during spring and summer. It is important not to overwater your plants –use your finger to test the soil. If it’s dry, your plant needs some water
  • Using a cacti specific slow release fertiliser is a great way to keep your plant healthy, as too much nitrogen can cause them to have a weak and stunted growth. Coming from arid climates, these plants are not used to getting too many nutrients at once
  • Planting with a succulent and cacti based potting mixture will help keep you from overwatering your plant, as the added sand makes the soil more free draining. Placing some bonsai stones or fine river rocks at the base of your pots will also help drain away the excess water