Dracena Draco

Story Title: Dracena Draco
TX Date: 29th September 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

A truly epic architectural plant, you can find a collection of the dracena draco plant growing at the Sydney Royal Botanical Garden.

  • Otherwise known as the dragon’s blood tree, the dracena draco is known for its incredible umbrella like shape, and its stunning upper foliage
  • The dracena draco is native to the Canary Islands. In its natural habitat, you will be able to see them growing in some large groups
  • The Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens has spent the last year growing a collection of dracena draco, grouping them with some beautiful African underplanting
  • While you can grow them at home, a large dracena draco will put you back thousands of dollars. A smaller one on the other hand, will be a lot more practical for your own garden

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