General garden bed care

Story Title: General garden bed care
TX Date: 6th October 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

Spring is a time when plants really rocket along and that includes weeds. If you don’t get on top of them early they can quickly get away from you. It’s easier to pull weeds when they’re young because the roots are shallow and ripping weeds up after rainfall is a good idea because they come out that much easier.

  • When your beds are weed free, nothing keeps them at bay quite like a good layer of mulch. Spring is also the perfect time to lay down some much, before the onslaught of warmer weather.
  • Organic mulches like straws are good because they help to conserve moisture and suppress weeds, but over time they break down and doing so add lots of yummy goodness to the soil.
  • In areas that you’re looking to plant or just re-invigorate, try top dressing the soil in early spring with a good layer of compost. It’s a great way to add a bit of goodness to the soil in areas that you don’t want to dig or disturb.
  • Using plant food is handy this time of year as it will support the frenzy of growth. It is good to get plant food that feeds your plants and takes care of your soil too.
  • Troforte M All Purpose granules contain the right nutrients and contains up to 60 natural minerals to promote healthy vigorous growth, loads of flowers and fruit – and gets the best out of your plants. The beneficial microbes in the mix go to work quickly on your soils to create the perfect environment for plant growth. Simply sprinkle it over your garden beds and mix it through the topsoil. Then water it in to activate the microbes. And the beauty is – that you only need to apply it every 5-6 months.
  • And if you want to give your garden that little bit extra, apply some new Troforte liquid plant food to your garden and pots every three months as well. It complements the granular food and pumps more organic nutrients to the roots, feeding both the plants and the beneficial microbes. 

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