Kanga attachments: The rotating log grab

Story Title: Kanga attachments: The rotating log grab
TX Date: 6th October 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Landscaping often involves lifting and moving heavy items like rocks and logs which requires serious man power and using the rotating log grab attachment with the kanga will help with those laborious jobs.

  • It’s a great bit of gear that not only makes life easier it means you get the job done more quickly and avoid potential injuries.
  • A beautiful feature on the grab attachment is the 90-degree rotating mechanism giving you the freedom and precision for picking up and placing through vertical to horizontal action.
  • The 3 tynes mean you can grab virtually any object, with certainly no problem picking up and moving around, as it can handle an impressive 120 kgs.
  • Like all of the 60 plus attachments getting the grabber on the kanga is really easy, line up the loading bar and gently lift and connect the hoses. You’re on your way!

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