Tips on a creating a dog friendly garden

Story Title: Tips on a creating a dog friendly garden
TX Date: 6th October 2018
Presenter: Bonnie Marie Hibbs

Dogs will be dogs…They will sniff, chew, dig and have a good old time out in the garden. But I think you might agree that we all love our gardens but as soon as we bring a fury friend into the mix it can become a little stressful. Creating a happy place for our dogs can be done with a little bit of research and a good plant selection.

  • If you are bringing a young puppy into the family or if you have an older dog, securing a small area that can be ‘their’ space can be done by using gates and strong fences. If your garden is already secure or you only have a small space but still wish for that lush, colourful garden. It can be done! Knowing which plants to stay clear from and have is really important.
  • Unfortunately, most bulbs are not good for our dogs, especially if your dog loves to dig around. To avoid any accidents, dig up any bulbs in the garden and place them into pots.
  • Some other plants which are best to avoid in the garden are Azaleas, Hellebores, Cyclamen spp, Daphne spp, Convolvulus spp, Foxglove, Kale, Lobelia and Euphorbia. There are lots of fantastic resources online and at our local veterinary clinics which can provide you with helpful lists of poisonous plants for our dogs.
  • If you have a garden filled with established plants or seedlings and do not have the option of moving them. You can try planting Dog Bane. Most dogs hate the scent of this plant and will keep as far away from it as possible. Planting these near poisonous plants can be a form of deterrent to help train our dogs to stay clear of unwanted plants. There are also repellent products on the market to encourage our four-legged friends to avoid going in areas where we don’t want them.
  • When it comes to choosing plants, always double check before planting! For some colourful flowers plants such as Salvia spp., Pansies, Viola, Snapdragons, Heuchera spp, Calendula officinalis, Alyssum spp, Ocimum basilicum (Basil), Rosa Species (Rose), Lavender spp are safe to plant. For edibles planting Mint, Parsley, Rosmarinus officinalis, (sage) Salvia officinalis, Fragaria spp. (Strawberries) and lettuce are safe for our companions.
  • Gardening can be a lot more fun when we do not have to stress about our pets. Dogs can be unpredictable and that favourite plant of yours could suddenly become the latest tasting platter. So, choosing good plants will keep our pets happy and keep us smiling too!